Please feel free to browse through the blog. We are delighted if you find some nourishing food for thought there. We are just as delighted to accompany you through your transformation journey, build up your „change muscles“ or to help shed light on some complex questions keeping you busy on a daily basis.  Solutions will always be tailor-made. However, here are some general ideas:

The Sounding Board

You could use a sparring partner? A sounding board who asks you unusual questions so you can develop an entirely new perspective on things? Someone who is able to hold the space you need in order to think things to the end, and who is courageous enough to challenge you in that space? Sounding Board solutions can be scaled ad lib and might be a perfect start for whatever comes next.

The Speaker

You are looking for someone to spark or kindle a meaningful discussion on things that matter? On a specific, burning topic chosen by you, or a more general topic that is „somehow in the air“? On something that will benefit from being seen in a different light? Speaking engagements can be embedded into various formats, such as fireside chats or panels.

The Analyst

You need someone who checks the wiring of your place, i. e. processes, structures, reporting lines, systems and all that operational stuff that affects the flow of communication and energy in your company? Someone who looks into the real, deep-rooted root causes of things that went wrong and helps to fix them? Who adds an entirely new dimension to risk management and prevention?
Analyst assignments can be spot-checks or long-term. They can be a postmortem exercise, shedding light  on your past and present, or a design exercise, shining the light ahead from the present into your future.